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The Woodland Education Centre, Offwell, Honiton, Devon U.K.


The Centre is less than 20 miles from Exeter and Taunton. It can be reached in under an hour from Torbay and from Dorchester. Bristol is only 70 miles away. The Centre is located in a secluded wooded valley within the parish of Offwell which lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

This quiet rural village is located just to the south of the A35, 4 miles from the town of Honiton. Coaches travelling from Honiton should turn right off the A35 at the first sign to Offwell village. This turning is clearly sign posted at the top of the hill about 2 miles from Honiton.

Coaches travelling west along the A35 from Axminster must use this turning which is on the left, after the Windmill Garage, a Texaco petrol station. Please do not take any earlier turnings to the village! On entering the village go straight past the church and telephone box. After about 150 metres, and ignoring the entrance to the village playing fields, pull in immediately where the lane widens on the left hand side. Please do not try to take coaches into the playing fields. Coaches should be parked so that passengers can enter the playing fields via the pedestrian gate which opens onto the lane. Assemble here, you will be met by a member of staff. The Centre is reached by walking down the hill past the church and across a field.

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Map of Centre Location
A red circle marks the Woodland Education Centre



The cost of a visit is 4.00 per pupil for up to 50 pupils. For 51 or more the cost is 5.00 per pupil.  Note there is a minimum charge of 50.   There is no charge for any accompanying staff.  There are toilets on site and two classrooms. Please bring your own refreshments and because the dustman doesn't call please take all your rubbish away! To Book, telephone 01404 831373.


By arrangement minibuses and private vehicles may drive into the Centre. Please telephone for details and condition of entry. There is no charge. Please note that this arrangement is also available for individuals who have mobility problems. If you have a disabled student/pupil in your group which is arriving by coach please let us know so that separate transport can be provided into the Centre.   Disabled access has been made possible by the support of East Devon District Council and BT's "Countryside for All" scheme.

wpe15.jpg (5975 bytes)Please ensure your coach uses the playing fields pedestrian entrance to pick up and put down passengers.

Don’t forget!!

Please ensure all members of your group have suitable outdoor footwear and clothing.

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