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The Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust
is sponsored by

The Woodland Education is a Forestry Commission site which is managed in partnership with the Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust

Major funders of the Countryside Awareness Action Plan, a three year education project.

Significant support for a number of projects including the Wetland Restoration Project Support for woodland restoration (The BT Dormouse Area) and major support for the restoration of the leat at the Woodland Education Centre
funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund & Nationwide Building Society. Administered by the Countryside Agency Department
of the

Support via the Landfill Tax Credit scheme for the Northern study area project. Wet Woodland and pond restoration. Support through the Landfill Tax Credit scheme for the Wetland Survey
Support for the 'Discover the Countryside' project Offwell Environment Link
(Friends of the Woodland Education Centre)
East Devon District Council
logo_corner.gif (2692 bytes) Supported access and additions to the Trust's website
dcclogo.gif (4896 bytes) Funded practical work at the Woodland Education Centre
Devon Waste Management brad_logo.gif (1770 bytes)
wpe1E.jpg (4968 bytes) Access, equipment, start-up funding
British Gas Supported through the SWEB Education Trust
Rural Action wpe1F.jpg (1714 bytes)
New Haye Car Boot Sales Norman Family Trust
Lions Club of Honiton & District Northam's Accountants (Honiton)
wpe20.jpg (2581 bytes) Funding via the Geoffrey Metcalf legacy (Pond creation and study area)
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Charity Trust
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K&P Southall Ch Trust

Dartington Hall Trust

Landrover Honiton Lions & Carnival Committee
Phillips Plc Barclays Bank PLC
Lloyds TSB Bank PLC National Westminster Bank PLC
British Seed Houses Ltd Colyton Carnival Committee
Honiton Horticultural Soc Hamamalis Trust
ECC Ch Trust Save & Prosper Educational Trust
RSPCA Mullins Trust

Michael Marks Ch Trust

London & Manchester Ass Co

Honiton Guides & Scouts GF Eyre Ch Trust

Public Donations

Viscount Amory's Charitable Trust


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