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The Trust runs the Woodland Education Centre in partnership with the Forestry Commission. Trained staff are provided to lead structured activities at the Centre, or at your own location, if suitable habitats are available. Combine Science, I.T., Geography and English into integrated practical activities for all levels.  Get an Information leaflet for printing here.

We have over a decade of experience in delivering effective education for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and adult groups. All age ranges from 4 years old, upwards, are catered for, as well as all abilities. Practical fieldwork activities are complemented by a wide variety of IT resources. If you live within East Devon, South Somerset or West Dorset, staff are also available to give talks at your school, college or community group.

The Woodland Education Centre

Audio/Visual Resources

Habitat Restoration

Interactive Activities

For hands-on practical environmental studies supporting the National Curriculum.

Practical Activities

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This website contains hundreds of high quality images of British wildlife and countryside. You can also access a variety of sounds and video clips of British species and habitats.

Practical information, restoration records and relevant data for land managers and environment students. Access extensive restoration project reports, ecological surveys and data from the Woodland Education Centre here.

Website resources to help integrate practical learning through fieldwork, with follow-up work in the classroom. Fun, non-judgmental resources from Discovery Trails to crosswords and jokes.

Ranger's Puzzles Pages

The Centre is unique because of  the wide variety of quality habitats it contains. All are easily accessible, with only short distances between them.

Interactive Centre Map

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A wide range of information on biological sampling methods, as well as examples, are available on the website.

Biological Sampling

Wetlands Discovery Trail
Bite-size information, interactive Discovery Trails, Riddle and finally, self-marking exercises to test learning.
Food chains
Wetland Foodweb

Experienced staff are available to lead activities, either at the Centre or at your own chosen location. These can be tailored to individual requirements.

Structured activities are geared towards the National Curriculum where appropriate.

Seasonal in situ cameras transmit wildlife images to your computer screen via the internet.

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Habitats Article

Restoration records include details such as engineers plans, costings, materials, methodology, rationale and timings.

Ponds image library

Tadpole to Frog


The Forest Cycle
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Secondary Courses

Tertiary Courses

Adult Courses


Nightjars, Toads, Dawn chorus..

Woodland Restoration
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Woodlands & wood,
Broadleaf,Conifer, Forestry

The Fascinating World of Fungi
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Seed Dispersal

Facilities include two classrooms, one of which is a log cabin with disabled access. Paths are well maintained and negotiable.

The Woodland Education Centre


Watch short video clips

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Kingfishers feeding, trout jumping, dragonfly emerging ...

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Project report


Intensive Agricultural Grasslands
An introduction to their production & biodiversity

Remote Experiments
Take part in remote experiments via the internet. Students can design an experiment to be carried out at the Centre. They can decide the details such as the exact placement of dataloggers and frequency of readings. They can then collect results in real time from the Trust's website.

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