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This website contains hundreds of pictures of British species and habitats. If you are looking for a particular image go to Search. Some of the images are collected together and displayed as small thumbnail pictures in Picture Galleries. If you click on a thumbnail image in a Picture Gallery, it will take you to a page which displays the full size image, together with explanatory text. This can be another useful way of quickly finding what you are looking for on the website.

Picture Gallery 1
This gallery contains images relating to the Woodland Education Centre and some of the species found there.

Picture Gallery 2
This gallery contains images of heathland animals and habitats.

Picture Gallery 3
This gallery contains images of heathland birds and habitats .

   The Offwell Valley Image Gallery The Sparrowhawk Image Galleries  2002 
Log Cabin Construction Trees in Britain Image Gallery

  Forest Cycle Gallery 1
  Forest Cycle Gallery 2
This gallery contains images relating to the forest cycle and natural processes taking place within a woodland habitat.

    Ponds Gallery
This gallery contains images of a variety of plant and animal life in and around ponds.

Mystery Picture Gallery
Interactive 'guess the picture' quiz.


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   Sparrowhawk Image Galleries
from our Webcam

2002 images here

1999 images here

   Log Cabin Construction Image Gallery

See the key stages of building the Centre's Log Cabin.



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Blackbird alarm calls  Dawn Chorus  Toads    Nightjar   



Sparrowhawk      Badger    Tits


(Videos and sounds courtesy Quartz Productions
makers of countryside and wildlife videos.)

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