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NitjarTM.jpg (191403 bytes)Click on the picture to hear THE MALE NIGHTJAR.  This bird is a summer visitor to the heathlands of Southern England where it breeds successfully.   On warm, still, summer evenings the male can be heard uttering his high-frequency repetetive call, known as churring.  Flying at dawn and dusk, the bird catches moths on the wing.  During daylight they are very camouflage and difficult to spot as they roost or sit on their nest.  More information about the NIGHTJAR.

06281.jpg (19937 bytes)Click on the picture to hear the DAWN CHORUS.  At dawn, particularly on fine spring mornings, a multitude of birds can be heard singing in woodlands and other habitats across the UK.


Toad.jpg (3263 bytes) Click on the picture to hear TOADS BY NIGHT.  During a very short period in early spring, thousands of male and female toads come from miles around to spawn in ponds and wetlands.  They are mostly active by night.   The amorous males compete with each other in order to win a female. The sound of croaking fills the night air. Each male's croak has a slightly different pitch.  On damp nights during the breeding season, many toads croak together, producing a characteristic chorus of croaking. More information.


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