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These pictures and many more can be seen at East Devon Landscapes.   Copyright holders acknowledged.

The Offwell Valley Views of this beautiful East Devon valley which is the location of the Woodland Education Centre.

East Devon Landscapes

Views of  Heathlands as well as many vantage points throughout East Devon.   Old photographs also show how the landscape has changed.

Photo Gallery 1

Pictures of animals including roe deer, kingfisher and frog as well as activities at the Woodland Education Centre.

Photo Gallery 2

Pictures of heaths, scenery, fire as a management tool, lizard, adder, marbled white butterfly and gatekeeper butterfly.

Photo Gallery 3 Photos of heaths: Gittisham, Woodbury, Venn Ottery, Aylesbeare, Mutters Moor, cattle grazing on Bronze Age barrow. Views of Trinity Hill near Axminster in East Devon,  nightjar, stonechat, skylark and snipe.