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Introduction to Sampling

Estimating % Cover in quadrats

Which type of sampling to use?

Comparison of results using different methods


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Stratified Sampling

Random Sampling

Random Number Table

Using a grid for random sampling

How many samples to take?

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Wetland Line Transect Diagrams
Every Metre
Every Other Metre
Plant Key
Wetland Plant Zonation Diagrams

(derived from line transects)

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Wetland Plant Species Bar Charts
(derived from belt transect data)

Dominant wetland plant species in different zones
(derived from belt transect data)


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Lincoln Index
(mark/recapture method for estimation of population size.)

Simpson's Diversity Index

When is an Individual not an Individual?

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Example of a sample of raw data and
extracted summary of raw data.

Freshwater Analysis Report
(An example, including interpretation)

Measuring Tree Height

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An Ecological Sampling Exercise,
Processing & Interpreting Raw Data

(Testing the effect of management on Bluebell distribution on the Heathland Restoration Project Area)


Sampling methods used on a Heathland Restoration site
Annual Random Sampling + Belt Transect (every 2m) 

   Sampling methods used on a Woodland Restoration site
Random Sampling  
Sampling methods used on a Wetland Restoration site
Line Transect (continuous, 1m, 2m) + Belt Transect (every 2m)

Sampling methods used on a Wet Woodland site
Random Sampling