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Offwell Wetland Survey

Bar Charts showing changes in the % cover of individual plant species
along the North/South and East/ West Belt Transects.

Line transects can reveal species zonation patterns along the line by showing where particular species occur on the line. (Line Transect Results.) Belt transect data goes one better, by showing not only where a particular species occurs, but also how much of it is present at any point along the line. By extension, this can show which area is best suited to a particular species, rather than just showing all points at which it can be found.

Individual Species Bar Charts

wpe7B.jpg (34764 bytes)

Transect 1 N/S

Transect 2 E/W

One or more Bar Charts for each of the following species:

Alder, Bog Bean, Branched Bur-reed, Canadian Pondweed, Common Duckweed, Greater Reedmace, Greater Spearwort, Marsh Bedstraw, Rhododendron, Silver Birch, Soft Rush, Water Mint, Water Plantain, Willow, Wood Clubrush, Yellow Iris.

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