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Offwell Wetland Survey

Key to Species shown on the Line Transect Diagrams.

To simplify reading the line transect diagrams, this page can be printed out for immediate access.


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wpe5A.jpg (1171 bytes)
wpe5C.jpg (1318 bytes)
wpe60.jpg (879 bytes)

wpe61.jpg (917 bytes)
Rhododendron Fern Soft Rush Bramble Ivy

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wpe68.jpg (1189 bytes)

wpe69.jpg (1066 bytes) wpe6A.jpg (1017 bytes)
Alder Silver Birch


Marsh Willowherb Dock
wpe6B.jpg (1568 bytes) wpe6C.jpg (2184 bytes) wpe6D.jpg (1106 bytes) wpe6E.jpg (1081 bytes) wpe6F.jpg (1112 bytes)
Willow Stinging Nettle Marsh Thistle Wood Club Rush Yellow Iris
wpe70.jpg (1046 bytes) wpe71.jpg (726 bytes) wpe72.jpg (941 bytes) wpe73.jpg (869 bytes) wpe74.jpg (947 bytes)
Creeping Buttercup Moss Duckweed Starwort Foxglove
wpe75.jpg (1141 bytes) wpe76.jpg (1087 bytes) wpe7C.jpg (953 bytes) wpe7D.jpg (1974 bytes) wpe7E.jpg (2173 bytes)
Marsh Bedstraw Golden Saxifrage Angelica Water Mint Greater Tussock Sedge
wpe7F.jpg (1201 bytes) wpe80.jpg (1007 bytes) wpe81.jpg (1107 bytes) wpe83.jpg (1594 bytes) wpe85.jpg (1214 bytes)
Pendulous Sedge Branched Bur-reed Reedmace Monkey Flower Bog Bean
wpe86.jpg (1410 bytes) wpe87.jpg (1901 bytes) wpe88.jpg (1460 bytes) wpe89.jpg (1003 bytes) wpe8A.jpg (1362 bytes)
Greater Spearwort Water Plantain Canadian Pondweed Remote Sedge Lesser Spearwort

  Suggestions for gaining maximum benefit from downloading Line Transect diagrams.

Transect 1 N/S - continuous Transect 2 E/W - continuous
Download Time
Approx. 2.5 minutes
Download Time
Approx. 2 minutes
Interrupted - every metre Interrupted - every metre
Download Time
Approx. 2 minutes
Download Time
Approx. 1.5 minutes
Interrupted - every other metre Interrupted - every other metre
Download Time
Approx. 1.5 minutes
Download Time
Approx. 1 minute


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