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Offwell Wetland Survey

Suggestions for downloading the line transect diagrams.


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The following suggestions will help to provide the maximum benefit from downloading the Wetland Survey line transect diagrams. These diagrams illustrate plant distribution along North/South and East/West line transects through the wetlands. Plant species are illustrated by different symbols along the line. Photographic images illustrate what the wetland actually looks like at key points along the line.

  • Print out the Key to symbols used for different plant species if you have access to a printer. This will remove the necessity to keep switching between the 'Key' page and the 'Line Diagram' pages.

  • Maximise the screen on your Internet Browser by clicking on the 'Full Screen' button on the top button bar. This will allow you to see the full height of the diagram on your screen.

  • To see the entire length of the diagram scroll sideways along the diagrams by using the bottom scroll bar.

Three different diagrams are presented for each of the N/S and E/W transects, depending on how the transect was carried out. The purpose of this was to illustrate the different levels of data obtained when surveying a site using different methods.

As a guideline, should you wish to look at only one of the diagrams, the continuous line transect diagrams show the most detail, including all the species occurring in the transect area. Consequently, they have longer download times. The interrupted line transect diagrams (every metre) are less detailed, but show the patterns of plant zonation clearly. The interrupted line transect diagrams (every other metre) are the least detailed, with the shortest download times. However, they may miss out relevant information on the species present. To access the diagrams, click on the links below.

Download Now 

Transect 1 N/S - continuous Transect 2 E/W - continuous
Download Time
Approx. 2.5 minutes
Download Time
Approx. 2 minutes
Interrupted - every metre Interrupted - every metre
Download Time
Approx. 2 minutes
Download Time
Approx. 1.5 minutes
Interrupted - every other metre Interrupted - every other metre
Download Time
Approx. 1.5 minutes
Download Time
Approx. 1 minute


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