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Information on Selected Wetland Species

Water Mint
Mentha aquatica L.

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Habitat Shallow margins and channels of streams, rivers, pools, dykes, ditches, canals, wet meadows, marshes and fens. It generally occurs on mildly acid to calcareous (it is common on soft limestone) mineral or peaty soils.
Structure A perennial plant, it is generally about 90cm tall, although it may reach heights of 150cm when supported by taller vegetation. It has a distinctly minty smell. It is an emergent plant.
Reproduction Flowers are pinkish-lilac and can be found from July to September. It is insect-pollinated.
It is common throughout most of the British Isles, except for parts of the Scottish Highlands. It also occurs throughout Europe, except in the extreme north.

Sources of Information 

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