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Wetlands Restoration

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As a result of an extensive restoration programme, the Woodland Education Centre now has a number of high quality freshwater aquatic habitats.

The Centre was originally overrun by an immense sterile rhododendron jungle. In 1986 a restoration programme started and this was initially confined to some of the woodland.

In 1988 work commenced clearing rhododendron from The Wetlands Project sites. This was immediately followed by major excavation in 1991. The work successfully restored a small lake, created a pond, as well as a separate wetland area and a marsh. This work was funded by South West Water Plc (now part of the Pennon Group) and the Department of the Environment (now DETR).

The information which is provided on Wetlands Restoration includes the project details, civil engineering works and drawings, wildlife surveys, video, as well as many before and after pictures.

To see what the area looks like today please visit our interactive map. The four separate habitats which were restored at this time are:

  • The Lake

  • Marsh

  • Wetland

  • Kingfisher Pond

These areas now support a wide range of plants and animals. Kingfishers breed on site and otters are passing visitors. In addition to this, the Centre is a key dragonfly site because of the number of species which have been recorded. It is also regionally important as a breeding site for the Ruddy Darter dragonfly. The Centre is also a major amphibian breeding site. In in late winter or early spring thousands of toads spawn. This remarkable spectacle has been featured on several occasions by the BBC and network television. Other amphibians which spawn at the Centre include Common Frog and Palmate Newt.

In addition to this, the Centre's aquatic habitats are widely used by schools, colleges and community groups. For details of our education programme click here.

The publishing of this information on the internet has been funded by the Pennon Group through the The Landfill Tax Credit Scheme and by the Heritage Lottery Fund.


The Wetlands Restoration Report

Ecological Survey of The Wetland Area



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