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Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust, established in 1989
U.K. Registered Charity No. 1000198

The Trust provides practical activities geared to the National Curriculum

The Trust has restored and manages a number of freshwater habitats

The Trust restored and manages different woodland habitats as well as carrying out heathland restoration

The Trust runs the Woodland Education Centre in South West England

Visiting school groups learn about food chains and life cycles in the forest.

Kingfishers breed in the aquatic habitats at the Woodland Education Centre run by the Trust.

A specially managed woodland habitat supports rare dormice.
The Trust provides education for all ages and abilities.

What We Do

The Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust is a British conservation and education charity. We provide wide ranging environmental education for all abilities and ages as well as carrying out an active conservation programme. 

Why We Need Your Help

Help us to continue providing practical environmental education, an award winning website and benefits to wildlife.  The Trust relies entirely for its funds on donations and grants.


More About Us




The Trust delivers environmental education through practical activities which are complemented by the wide use of Information Technology. Our award winning website receives millions of hits every year and is part of Britain's National grid for Learning.

For many children, a visit to the Woodland Education Centre is the first time they have been to the countryside.

Practical Activities

The Trust provides practical environmental education for all ages and abilities, from primary school children to conservation professionals.  The Trust runs the Woodland Education Centre in partnership with the Forestry Commission who are reponsible for the nation's forests.  The Centre is situated in South West England. You can find out more about our education work here

The results of remote experiments can be viewed in real time via the internet.

Information Technology

Practical activities are complimented by a wide and innovative use of IT. Our award-winning website, which is part of Britain's National Grid for Learning attracts over 5 million hits each year from more than 100 countries. It features remote experiments, webcams, data logging, wildlife surveys and habitat restoration projects.  Educational groups visiting the Centre also receive a personalised CD of environmental information.



The Trust actively restores and conserves a wide variety of native British wildlife habitats, providing ideal environments for rare and endangered animals and plants.


Restoration of a wide range of habitats helps support rare & endangered wildlife.


The Trust has restored many valuable wildlife habitats from a former derelict jungle of alien rhododendron at the Woodland Education Centre in South West England.  The habitats created include lowland heath, wetland, wild flower rides and a number of woodland habitats.  Since work began in 1986, much of the hard practical work has been done by hundreds of volunteers. You can find out more about our restoration work here.

Restoration of Habitats

Twenty species of dragonfly and damselfly have been recorded at the Woodland Education Centre including the regionally rare Ruddy Darter.

The large number of newly created and managed habitats support a rich variety of wildlife.  Species include rare and endangered dormice and ruddy darter dragonfly, as well as otters and kingfishers.  These animals and many others would cease to be present if the habitats were not maintained through ongoing conservation work. You can find out more about our wildlife here.


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