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Interactive Wildlife Puzzles

Answer questions & fill in crosswords on-screen in our new series of interactive puzzles!
Just follow the links below. 

(For puzzles 8 and onwards, click the contents page link to return to this page
- do not use the browser "back" button.)

Drgnfly.jpg (2775 bytes) 1) Amphibian Menu

2) Frog Spawning

3) Oxygen

4) Tadpole Predation

5) Wetlands Discovery Trail

6) Seed Dispersal

7) Species Quiz

8) Foxglove Crossword

9) Birds Crossword

10) Fungi Crossword

11) Mini Beasts Crossword

12) Seed Crossword

13) Tree Crossword

blackbrd.wmf (8774 bytes) Mushrms.wmf (7118 bytes) 14) Woodland Education Centre Crossword

15) Forest Animals Crossword

16) Lowland Heath Crossword

17) Spring Crossword

18) Summer Crossword

19) Autumn Crossword

20) Non-Native Species Crossword

21) Plant Life Cycle Crossword (Advanced)

22) Plant Life Cycle - Fill in the Gaps!  

23) Dragonflies & Damselflies Crossword   

24) Frog Life Cycle Crossword (Juniors)

25) Plant Life Cycle Crossword (Seniors)

Ladybug1.wmf (3494 bytes)
oakleaf9.wmf (2378 bytes) Hortcult.wmf (14284 bytes)

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