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Mystery Picture Answers

No. 2

Oblong-leaved Sundew

Oblong Leaved or Long Leaved Sundew Drosera intermedia.  This carnivorous plant catches small unwary flies using sticky red tipped hairs on its oblong, tapered leaves.  It then digests the proteins in the flies to supplement its nitrate nutrition.  Oblong Leaved Sundews often grow in acid boggy habitats where nutrient levels in the soil are low.  The leaves are about 1cm across and 0.5cm wide on 1-3cm stalks.  The small white flowers form on stems at roughly the same height as the leaf stalks.  Oblong Leaved Sundew is sparsely distributed in Britain, usually being found in damp acid soils on heathlands, mainly in western parts of Britain and Ireland.


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