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Special Protection Area (SPA)

Lympcom.jpg (13573 bytes) A "Special Protection Area" (SPA) is a European Union designation given to top wildlife sites.  Many of East Devon's Pebblebed Heathlands were given SPA status in June 1998.  They are: Dalditch Common, East Budleigh Common, Lympstone Common, Bicton Common, Woodbury Common, Colaton Raleigh Common, Hawkerland Common, Aylesbeare Common, Harpford Common, Venn Ottery Common, Manor Common, Withycombe Raleigh Common.   Areas included are eligible to apply for European funding. 

European ornithological interest of SPA

East Devon Heaths SPA is of European importance because it is used regularly by at least 1% of the GB population of two species listed on annex 1 of the Birds Directive (79/409/EEC):

  Annex 1 species  
  Dartford Warbler   Sylvia undata    128 pairs   (1994)         (6.8% GB)
  Nightjar   Caprimulgus europaeus     83 pairs   (1992)         (2.4% GB)

....figures from:

RSPB. 1994 1994 Dartford warbler and woodlark survey. Unpublished data.
Morris, A., Burges, D., Fuller, R.J., Evans, A.D., & Smith, K.W. 1994

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The status and distribution of Nightjars Caprimulgus europaeus in Britain in 1992.  Bird Study 41: 181-191.  1992 nightjar data set for England.  Unpublished data.

EC site code:  UK9010121
Longitude: 03:21:33W
Latitude: 50:40:19N
Area of SPA: 1119.94ha

East Devon Heathlands





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