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Memory Challenge
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Multiple Choice Exercise 3 - Lifecycles

Click in the box next to the statement which you think is the best answer. If you change your mind, you can just click in the box again to remove the tick. When you have finished, you can print out your answers. Print before you leave this page or your answers will be lost.




Question 1.

A lifecycle describes:

The good and bad times in one's life.

How various animals eat each other.

The major growth stages which occur in an individual's lifetime.

The area where an animal lives.

Question 2.

What is a larva?

Molten rock from a volcano.

A young stage of an animal which looks completely different to the adult.

A type of car.

A species of animal.

Question 3.

In Britain, tadpoles may turn into: (more than one answer may be correct)






Now test your memory on Food chains
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