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Walking through a Wetland ...


Dry Land

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Open Water


Dry Land to Marsh

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As you walk from dry land into a wetland, the ground beneath your feet starts to become muddy and soggy. The further you go, the wetter it becomes. Small bumps or hillocks of drier land stick up above the mud, while dips in the ground level fill with water and form small pools of water. All of a sudden, you enter the lush profusion of plants which heralds the beginning of the magical world that is a wetland. 

Trees such as grey-green Willows grow well in the lush vegetation of the marsh area. These will also grow on dry land where there is plenty of water, but are just as at home in shallow, standing water in a wetland. Alder trees may also be found here in the shallowest areas, together with a whole range of smaller plants such as Yellow Iris, rushes and Water Mint. In high summer, you can imagine yourself lost in a jungle as you brush through thick vegetation which often reaches well above your head.

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