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The Wetlands Restoration Project

Wetlands Project Botanical Surveys

Four of the five surveys listed below were conducted in the summer following the completion of restoration work in 1991.  These surveys were walking surveys.  In 2000, an extensive ecological survey was carried out.   Both line and belt transects were carried out to show the botanical variety of the area.  The comprehensive results include diagrams, charts and statistical analysis.

It is important to remember that although restoration was finished by 1991, rhododendron clearance actually started as early as 1987 in some areas. Therefore by the time of the 1991 surveys some sites were showing significant natural regeneration, particularly where it was wetter. The dates when clearance finished is given for each of the areas.

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1991 Wetland Botanical Survey

1991 Marshland Botanical Survey

1991 Lake Botanical Survey

1991 Pond Botanical Survey

2000 Wetland Area Ecological Survey



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