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The Wetlands Restoration Project
Gabion Baskets

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Gabion baskets in place before being filled with stone.  This structure was to form the new spillway at the western end of the newly restored southern lake


Gabion baskets consist of rectangular sided wire mesh baskets.  Built in a variety of sizes, the baskets are widely used in civil engineering projects.  They are positioned where they are needed before being filled with a suitable building stone.  They are frequently used in the construction of motorway embankments, retaining walls and the reinforcement of waterways to help prevent erosion.  This stone used should be of high density, high durability and preferably with flat sides reducing the gaps between each stone.  A wire lid is finally fixed into place.  A number of filled baskets can be placed together rather like bricks, making a strong and erosion-resistant structure. 


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One side of the gabion basket  is being wired into place.  The basket will then be placed where it is needed and filled with stone. 


At the Woodland Education Centre, gabion baskets have been used extensively in the construction of spillways, retaining banks and footbridge foundations.


P25b.jpg (20871 bytes)
Sluice gate built at the eastern end of the southern Lake.  Gabion baskets make up the bulk of the structure.  The base is a Reno Mattress, a long, flat type of gabion basket

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