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Wood Products & Traditional Crafts (7)

wpeB2.jpg (11780 bytes) Wood has always been an important building material for houses. Few houses in Britain today are built entirely of wood, as is the log cabin (left). However, wood still provides much of the hidden structural material of houses, from rafters, to floor boards and stairs.

Cabins such as this are often standard buildings in places where timber is a readily available local commodity. This tends to be where there are large tracts of native coniferous forests, such as in Scandinavia and parts of North America. 

wpeA3.jpg (10922 bytes) The Woodland Education Centre's log cabin (left) was built using the American Full Scribe Technique, from conifers thinned from the area visible behind the cabin.

For more information and a picture gallery showing the cabin's construction, click here


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