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The Young Rangers' Club
A Club for Children interested in Wildlife & Conservation

The Bird Nest Box Community Project
March 2003

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Nesting wildlife received a boost in March 2003, thanks to the Lions Club of Honiton & District and Offwell Young Rangers' Club.

As part of their support for good causes, the Lions Club donated 250 to the Young Rangers' Club. The donation was used to help fund the cost of the ’Bird Nest Box’ community project, which was carried out by the Young Rangers.

Building the Nest Boxes. This project involved the Young Rangers in building a number of nest boxes for garden birds.

The nest boxes were then given to local residents to place in their gardens. As well as donating the boxes, the Young Rangers also advised people on positioning the boxes for best effect in gardens.

A Young Ranger donates one of the bird boxes to a local Senior Citizen. The boxes were donated to East Devon Senior Citizens on Saturday, 1st March 2003 in a presentation ceremony at the Woodland Education Centre, near Honiton.

Lions Club members were also on hand to present their cheque for 250 to the Young Rangers' Club.

Alan Crofts, the Ranger who runs the club, commented  “The Young Rangers have really enjoyed doing this project. They would not have been able to complete it without the funding from the Lions Club. Of course, it is not only benefiting the Young Rangers. It is promoting wildlife conservation, as well as helping to bridge the gap between generations.” Michelle, one of the Young Rangers said;

“I really like building things for wildlife and helping older people to see more wildlife in their gardens, because they can’t get out so much.”

The Young Rangers’ Club gives local youngsters the opportunity to get outdoors and learn first hand about wildlife. “The club gives children a safe and structured environment to learn about wildlife, the countryside and its crafts. It also allows them to put something back into their community through projects such as the ‘Bird Nest Box’ initiative.” says Alan Crofts.

The club has a full and varied programme ranging from bug collecting and bat detecting, to rock pooling and fossil hunting on local beaches.


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