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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Blackbird       Turdus merula

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Appearance A common thrush-like bird. The male is all black with a yellow bill and eyering. The female is browner with subdued speckling on breast, varying considerably from rufous brown to greyish brown.  The first winter, males retain dark brown wing feathers. 
Size: 24-27cm tall
Voice Loud harsh chatter of alarm. The song is a fluty warble.
Habitat Gardens, heaths, woods and hedges.
Food Insects, worms and berries.
Breeding Habits 4-5 eggs in a cup-like nest in a tree or bush.  Incubation takes 11-17 days and fledging takes 12-19 days. 
2-3 broods per year; March-May.
Location in Wet Woodland It was only seen in the bluebell area and the stony area. There were very few sightings (only two). This may be because these birds were moulting when the survey was taking place and when they do this, they stay hidden and become very secretive.
It was seen only briefly hopping into a bush.


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