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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Blue Tit       Parus caeruleus

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Appearance A small and common tit. The adult has a blue crown and white cheeks enclosed by a dark line from eye to chin. The wings are pale blue with a single white wingbar. It has a greenish back and yellow underparts with a neat dividing line on the centre of the breast. The juvenile has a yellow chin and neck and a greenish crown. 
Size:11-12cm tall 
Voice tsee-tsee-tsee, also harsh churr.
Habitat Gardens, marshes, heaths, woods and hedges.
Food Insects, seeds and nuts.
Breeding Habits

7-12 eggs in a cup-like nest in a tree hole, or nest box.  Incubation takes 12-16 days and fledging takes 15-23 days. 
1 brood per year; April-May.

Location in Wet Woodland

This bird was heard only once in the Clearing area, possibly due to the fact that others may have been feeding high in the canopy of the trees among the leaves, out of sight. It was probably in the Clearing because there is also a good supply of insects in the bushes nearby.   


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