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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Bullfinch       Pyrrhula pyrrhula

Appearance A plump, secretive bunting, despite the males bright colours. The male has a bright pink breast, black crown and thick black bill and blue-grey upperparts.  The female is similar but with a pale buffy breast. The juvenile is like the female but lacks the black crown and has a sandy coloured breast and back. 
Size:14-15cm tall 
Voice soft heu.
Habitat Gardens, heaths, woods and hedges.
Food Buds and seeds.
Breeding Habits

4-5 eggs on a twig platform in a bush.  Incubation takes 12-14 days and fledging takes 12-18 days. 
1-2 broods per year; April-May

Location in Wet Woodland Seen and heard in the bluebell area and the Clearing.  The bluebell area contains many trees to perch on and the Clearing may be a good nest site. It was mostly heard calling, but it was seen feeding by hovering and picking off insects from leaves. This is very, very unusual behavior.


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