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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Common Buzzard       Buteo buteo

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Appearance A large raptor with highly variable plumage, from dark brown to pure creamy white. It always shows a dark patch at the shoulder of the wing (carpal) and sides of breast. It soars on broad wings held forward in a shallow 'v'. It has a fairly small head and short tail. 
Size: 28-38cm tall
Voice Mewing pee-oo.
Habitat Moors, heaths, forests, woods, fields and hedgerows
Food Small mammals.
Breeding Habits 3-4 eggs in a nest of bulky sticks and twigs in a tree, on a cliff, on a rock outcrop or occasionally on the ground.  Incubation takes 42 days and fledging takes 40-45 days.  
1 brood per year; March-May.
Location in Wet Woodland The Buzzard was seen flying from a tree in the wet area where it was probably having a rest. It picked this area to rest as it is close to the heathland area where it would hunt. It may well have also had a nest near by. Another bird could be heard calling regulary from trees just outside the wet woodland, the bird heard was probably a juvenile.

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