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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Long-tailed Tit      Aegithalos caudatus

Appearance A small tit with its tail longer than its body. The adult has a white crown with a bold black stripe over the eye extending to a black back. It has a tiny black bill and wings which are black and white with a broad pink band across the upper edge. The tail is black with white outer feathers, the underparts white with pink. Juveniles lack pink and have sooty black heads. 
Voice Continuous zee-zee-zee contact call among flocks.
Habitat Heaths, woods, gardens and hedges.
Food Insects and seeds.
Breeding Habits 8-12 eggs in a domed nest in a bush.  Incubation takes 12-14 days and fledging takes 14-18 days. 
1-2 broods per year; March-April
Location in Wet Woodland Fairly widespread. It was seen in the stony area, scrubby area, wet area and oak area.  Most of these areas contain alders which they seem to prefer. It was mainly seen feeding in flocks with other small birds in the tree canopy and it was heard calling constantly. 


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