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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Marsh Tit       Parus palustris

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Appearance Typical Tit with round head, short bill, black cap and uniform buff-brown upperparts. It also has a small black bill, white cheeks and sandy coloured breast. 
Size: 11-12cm tall
Voice Distinctive, repeated pitchoo-pitchoo-pitchoo, also repeated chip-chip.
Habitat Heaths, woods, hedges and gardens.
Food Insects and seeds.
Breeding Habits 6-9 eggs in cup-like nest in a hole in rotten wood.  Incubation takes 13-17 days and fledging takes 16-21 days. 
1-2 broods per year; April-May.
Location in Wet Woodland Seen in the Mound, Bluebell and Stony areas.  These areas contain mainly mature trees and provide good feeding and nesting sites.
The birds were mainly observed feeding in family groups and in mixed flocks.


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