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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


European Nuthatch       Sitta europaea

Appearance An agile tree climber, similar to woodpeckers. The upperparts are pale blue. It has a bold black eyestripe and black wingtips. The throat is white, the remaining underparts warm buff, with chestnut on flanks. The tail is short and square.
Voice High-pitched chwit-chwit, also a repeated kee-kee-kee.
Habitat Woods, hedges, heaths and gardens.
Food Seeds, nuts, insects.
Breeding Habits 6-9 eggs in a tree hole plastered with mud around the entrance hole.  Incubation takes 14-18 days and fledging takes 23-25 days. 
1 brood pr year; April-May.
Location in Wet Woodland Seen in the Mound and stony area.  They mainly frequented the few big trees in these areas. The bird was observed climbing up and down tree trunks feeding..


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