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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Robin       Erithacus rubecula

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An upright plump little bird. The adult is a warm olive-brown colour with a red breast, chin and face.  The juvenile has a brown head, wings and tail with brown barring on the buffy back and breast.  
Size:13-15cm tall

Voice Thin tic-tic-tic, repeated. Song, a leisurely warble.
Habitat Towns and gardens, heaths, woods hedges.
Food Insects.
Breeding Habits 5-6 eggs in a cup on a tree, stump or on a bank.  Incubation takes 12-15 days and fledging also takes 12-15 days. 
2-3 broods per year; April-June. 
Location in Wet Woodland Found in all areas of the wet woodland, apart from the stony area where the ground is too hard and rocky to feed on. There is also not enough cover because of the lack of small trees and bushes.
It was mostly observed feeding on damp ground or sitting on low branches of small trees.


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