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The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Eurasian Treecreeper       Certhia familiaris

Appearance A small, well camouflaged, easily overlooked, shy, tree climbing bird. It is streaked brown and buff above, with white eyebrows. The tail feathers have protruding shafts. The underparts are white and it has a long and thin decurved bill. 
Voice Soft seeping tsee-tsee.
Habitat Woods, heaths, hedges and gardens.
Food Insects.
Breeding Habits 6 eggs in a cup-like nest behind bark.  Incubation takes 14-15 days and fledging takes 14-16 days. 
1-2 broods per year; April-June.
Location in Wet Woodland Seen in the cherry, stony, wet and oak areas.  There are big trees in these regions which contain a vast food supply.The birds were only seen climbing up tree trunks feeding and calling.


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