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The Woodland Education Centre
Managed by the Trust in partnership with the Forestry Commission

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February 2003


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wpeDD.jpg (24495 bytes) Monument Pond is once more full of sediment and large pieces of chert, most of it washed down from an old landfill site upstream. It will be dug out, yet again,  thanks to the Forestry Commission, who own the land occupied by the Centre. The material removed will initially be stacked around the pond to dry out. The ‘spirited discussion’ regarding the problems of the old landfill site and what is to be done about it, continue.

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If the pond is allowed to remain silted up,  material will carry on into the leat (left). This leat is designed to take storm water away from the main aquatic habitats, such as the lake and the wetlands, protecting them from siltation. It is not designed to handle such quantities and size of debris and so the leat is also likely to become filled up. If this is allowed to happen, then all of the aquatic habitats at the Centre and their attendant wildlife, will be at risk.

The conditions at the old landfill site have worsened considerably and there is now a very significant threat to the Centre. The Environment Agency, who have so far been unable to prevent any of the problems, continue to 'look into' the matter.

yrangers.JPG (22708 bytes) Educational activities at the Centre have been running throughout the winter. The Young Rangers Club has held regular meetings. Recently 500 has been raised towards the running of the Club from local businesses and organisations. Donations have included 250 from the Lions Club of Honiton, 150 from Bradfords and 100 from the Honiton Round Table. These donations have enabled the club to go from strength to strength.

A number of teachers have been visiting to organise trips once the milder weather arrives and the Centre is gearing up for the start of the main fieldwork season. Early booking for your group is strongly recommended, especially if you wish to visit in June or July.

Courses focusing on local mammals, including amongst others, ‘Mammal Tracks and Signs’ and ‘Woodland Mammals’, based around the Offwell area are being offered by the Trust in the Spring. The Trust is currently collecting registrations of interest and details will be finalized shortly.

Toad watching evenings are also being scheduled now. If you are interested in taking part, contact the Trust.


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