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Flowering Plants


wpeCC.jpg (41661 bytes) Introduction   What are flowering plants?
Plant Lifecycle   A generalized lifecycle
Flower Structure   Basic structure of flowers
Foxglove   Adaptations to insect pollination
Seed Dispersal  Information and activities
Selected Species  Links to pages on individual species
Wetland Plants   Zonation, adaptations and selected species
Terrestrial plants  Structural adaptations to life on land
Meadow Plants   Flowering plants of hay and water meadows
Agricultural Grasslands   Grass species
Ancient Woodland Indicators Introduction and some species
Devon Primrose Survey  Download the leaflet
Species Lists  from different habitats
Rhododendron A killer of the Countryside
Tree Gallery   A pictorial guide to 38 species of trees
Puzzles and Quizzes  Interactive fun on a variety of topics