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Moth Trapping Night
Results for 5th August 2003 - A new moth for Devon!

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The Woodland Education Centre, Devon
MAP REF: 193 SY 1899

Species List - Recorder: MCCORMICK, ROY F.

Nomenclature: Bradley & Fletcher 1979 used with updated modifications

DATED 5/08/2003 to 5/08/2003

0121 Opostega crepusculella Zell. Imago  Several; to be confirmed

0411 Argyresthia goedartella Linn. Imago Several

0427 Yponomeuta cagnagella Hb. Imago Spindle Ermine One seen

0460 Ypsolopha parenthesella Linn. Imago One seen; pale form

0658 Carcina quercana Fabr. Imago Several

0873 Blastobasis lignea Wals. Imago One seen

0969 Pandemis corylana Fabr. Imago Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix Common

0972 Pandemis heparana D.& S. Imago Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix Two seen

1039 Acleris comariana Lein&Zell. Imago Strawberry Tortrix One seen; possibly laterana

1042 Acleris rhombana D.& S. Imago Rhomboid Tortrix One seen

1062 Acleris emargana Fabr. Imago One seen

1093 Apotomis betuletana Haw. Imago One seen

1151 Epinotia stroemiana Fabr. Imago One seen

1155 Epinotia brunnichana Linn. Imago One seen

1260 Cydia splendana Hb. Imago Several including dark form

1288 Alucita hexadactyla Linn. Imago Twenty Plume Moth One seen

1296 Crambus silvella Hb. Imago One taken by Brian Bewsher; New County Record  MORE

1304 Agriphila straminella D.& S. Imago Common

1305 Agriphila tristella D.& S. Imago everal

1313 Catoptria pinella Linn. Imago Several

1334A Scoparia basistrigalis Knaggs. Imago Four seen

1338 Dipleurina lacustrata Panzer Imago Common

1340 Eudonia truncicolella Stainton Imago Several

1344 Eudonia mercurella Linn. Imago Common

1345 Elophila nymphaeata Linn. Imago Brown China-mark Two seen

1356 Evergestis forficalis Linn. Imago Garden Pebble One seen

1378 Eurrhypara coronata Hufn. Imago Two seen

1390 Udea prunalis D.& S. Imago One seen

1392 Udea olivalis D.& S. Imago Four seen

1398 Nomophila noctuella D.& S. Imago Rush Veneer Two seen

1405 Pleuroptya ruralis Scop. Imago Mother of Pearl Common

1428 Aphomia sociella Linn. Imago Bee Moth One seen

1498 Amblyptilia punctidactyla Haw. Imago Two seen

1640 Euthrix potatoria Linn. Imago Drinker Two seen

1645 Falcaria lacertinaria Linn. Imago Scalloped Hook Tip One seen

1646 Watsonalla binaria Hufn. Imago Oak Hook-tip One seen

1647 Watsonalla cultraria Fabr. Imago Barred Hook-tip One seen

1648 Drepana falcataria Linn. Imago ssp.falcataria Linn. England  Pebble Hook-tip Several

1653 Habrosyne pyritoides Hufn. Imago Buff Arches Three seen

1666 Geometra papilionaria Linn. Imago Large Emerald Two seen

1702 Idaea biselata Hufn. Imago Small Fan-footed Wave Common

1708 Idaea dimidiata Hufn. Imago Single-dotted Wave Four seen

1713 Idaea aversata Linn. Imago Riband Wave Several

1722 Xanthorhoe designata Hufn. Imago Flame Carpet Two seen

1724 Xanthorhoe spadicearia D.& S. Imago Red Twin-spot Carpet Three seen

1725 Xanthorhoe ferrugata Cl. Imago Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet Two seen

1738 Epirrhoe alternata Mull. Imago ssp.alternata Mull. Rest of Country Common Carpet Several

1751 Lampropteryx otregiata Metc. Imago Devon Carpet Several

1759 Ecliptopera silaceata D.& S. Imago Small Pheonix Several

1762 Chloroclysta citrata Linn. Imago ssp.citrata Linn. England Dark-marbled Carpet Several

1769 Thera britannica Turn. Imago Spruce Carpet Three seen

1777 Hydriomena furcata Thunb. Imago July Highflyer Common

1789 Rheumaptera undulata Linn. Imago Scallop Shell One seen; very worn

1802 Perizoma affinitatum Steph. Imago The Rivulet Three or four seen

1803 Perizoma alchemillata Linn. Imago Small Rivulet Two seen

1817 Eupithecia pulchellata Steph. Imago ssp.pulchellata Steph. England Foxglove Pug One seen

1835 Eupithecia tripunctaria H.-S. Imago White-spot Pug Several

1837 Eupithecia subfuscata Haw. Imago Grey Pug Two seen

1858 Chloroclystis v-ata Haw. Imago V-Pug One seen

1862 Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Haw. Imago Double-striped Pug Four seen

1875 Asthena albulata Hufn. Imago Small White-wave Two seen

1884 Abraxas grossulariata Linn. Imago The Magpie Several

1887 Lomaspilis marginata Linn. Imago Clouded Border One seen; very worn

1890 Macaria alternata D.& S. Imago Sharp-angled Peacock One seen

1893 Macaria liturata Cl. Imago Tawny-barred Angle One seen

1907 Epione repandaria Hufn. Imago Bordered Beauty Two seen

1913 Ennomos alniaria Linn. Imago Canary-shouldered Thorn Three seen

1917 Selenia dentaria Fabr. Imago Early Thorn Several

1921 Crocallis elinguaria Linn. Imago Scalloped Oak One seen

1931 Biston betularia Linn. Imago Peppered Moth One seen

1937 Peribatodes rhomboidaria D.& S. Imago Willow Beauty Several

1940 Deileptenia ribeata Cl. Imago Satin Beauty Common; small specimens

1941 Alcis repandata Linn. Imago ssp. repandata Linn. England Mottled Beauty Two seen; very worn

1942 Alcis jubata Thunb. Imago Dotted Carpet One seen

1947 Ectropis bistortata Goeze. Imago The Engrailed Several

1956 Cabera exanthemata Scop. Imago Common Wave Three seen

1961 Campaea margaritata Linn. Imago Light Emerald Four seen

1981 Laothoe populi Linn. Imago Poplar Hawk One seen

1997 Furcula furcula Cl. Imago Sallow Kitten Several

2000 Eligmodonta dromedarius Linn. Imago Iron Prominent Several

2003 Notodonta ziczac Linn. Imago Pebble Prominent Two seen

2006 Pheosia gnoma Fabr. Imago Lesser Swallow Prominent Three seen

2007 Pheosia tremula Cl. Imago Swallow Prominent Two seen

2008 Ptilodon capucina Linn. Imago Coxcomb Prominent Four seen

2011 Pterostoma palpina Cl. Imago Pale Prominent Five seen

2033 Lymantria monacha Linn. Imago Black Arches Common

2037 Miltochrista miniata Forst. Imago Rosy Footman Several

2044 Eilema griseola Hb. Imago Dingy Footman Several

2049 Eilema depressa Esp. Imago Buff Footman Common

2050 Eilema lurideola Zinck. Imago Common Footman Several

2064 Phagmatobia fuliginosa Linn. Imago ssp. fuliginosa Linn. S.& Mid.England Ruby Tiger Three seen

2091 Agrotis ipsilon Hufn. Imago Dark Sword-grass One seen

2102 Ochropleura plecta Linn. Imago Flame Shoulder Several

2107 Noctua pronuba Linn. Imago Large Yellow Underwing Common

2109 Noctua comes Hb. Imago Lesser Yellow Underwing Several

2111 Noctua janthe D.& S. Imago Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing Common

2198 Mythimna impura Hb. Imago ssp. impura Hb. England Smoky Wainscot One seen; very worn

2284 Acronicta psi Linn. Imago Grey Dagger Three seen; possibly 2283

2291 Craniophora ligustri D.& S. Imago The Coronet Two seen

2297 Amphipyra pyramidea Linn. Imago Copper Underwing Two seen

2318 Cosmia trapezina Linn. Imago Dun Bar Several

2321 Apamea monoglypha Hufn. Imago Dark Arches Several

2335 Apamea scolopacina Esp. Imago Slender Brindle Four seen

2343 Mesapamea secalis Linn. Imago Common Rustic Several; possibly 2343a

2379 Coenobia rufa Haw. Imago Small Rufous Several

2425 Colocasia coryli Linn. Imago Nut Tree Tussock Six seen

2441 Autographa gamma Linn. Imago Silver Y Several

2450 Abrostola tripartita Hufn. Imago The Spectacle One seen

2469 Scoliopteryx libatrix Linn. Imago The Herald One seen

2474 Rivula sericealis Scop. Imago Straw Dot Common

2477 Hypena proboscidalis Linn. Imago The Snout Three seen; very worn

2489 Zanclognatha tarsipennalis Treit. Imago The Fan-foot One seen

2492 Herminia grisealis D.& S. Imago Small Fan-foot Two seen

A total of 113 records on this list




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