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Remote experiments live on the 'net!

Not everyone has easy access to the wide variety of habitats which exist at the Centre. Through this project, anyone can visit the Trust’s website and take part in the experiments. Groups not actually involved with the experimental design process can still monitor the remote experiments. They are free to make use of the data displayed live on the internet for their own investigative purposes and projects.

The universal reach of the internet means that collaboration with students in far distant countries is also part of planned future developments. Any academic level can be catered for and the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Information which is on the website is already part of the course work for schools, colleges and universities world-wide. Since the last newsletter, the Trust’s website has received more than half a million hits from all over the world. Universities from Oklahoma, Florida and Utah together with the South Dakota Department of Education have joined the ever growing list of organisations which have linked to

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The mild, glorious autumn weather we have had so far means that there are still many dragonflies around at the Centre. On sunny days, large male blue-green Southern Hawkers can be seen patrolling their favourite haunts. Common Darters line the wooden railings by the ponds, sunning themselves and keeping an eye out for females and food! There is also good news in that the Ruddy Darter, which is regionally rare, has once more been seen on the island in the Lake. Devon Women's Institute ladies (and some gentlemen!) visited on two occasions for Dragonfly days. Poor weather on the first occasion meant that few dragonflies were about, but better luck was had on the second visit.

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The Ruddy Darter Dragonfly
Sympetrum sanguineum


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