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The Wet Woodland Plant Survey
Area Species Lists

Each of the areas listed below forms part of the Wet Woodland.  Conditions across the Wet Woodland vary widely.  Because it lies on an East facing slope, the areas furthest up the slope are driest as water drains away (Cherry, Bluebell and Stony Areas).  Some areas receive more sun at ground level due to less tree cover (Stony and Clearing Areas).  The soil is dry and shallow in the Stony and Cherry Areas where the ground is quite loose with chert rubble.  The deepest and richest soil occurs in the Seepage.  Together with the high moisture levels, this enables a great variety of plants to grow that could not thrive elsewhere in the Wet Woodland.

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The Mound
The Cherry Area
The Bluebell Area
The Stony Area
The Clearance Area
The Seepage

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