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The Wetlands Restoration

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Gabion Basket  A wire meshed box designed to be filled by stones and used in civil engineering construction projects.  At the Woodland Education Centre, gabion baskets have been used extensively in the building of a sluice, spillway and footbridge foundations.  More Info

Geotextile Fabric  Sheets of this material were used as a robust lining underneath Reno mattresses and on the floor of the stream immediately below the Spillway.  The fabric is designed to help prevent erosion of the waterway.  More Info

Reno Mattress   A large, relatively thin and flat gabion basket.   Used to form the floor of the watercourse beneath the spillway and sluice. Helps prevent erosion of the waterway.

Transition   Description of the different zones of open water, swamp, marsh and dry land present in a wetland habitat.  The word "transition" describes how each zone gradually merges into the next.

Walking Survey  Observation and recording of species names during the course of walking through an area.


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