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The Woodland Education Centre

Heathland Project Report - Contents


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HeathBCK.jpg (301688 bytes)1. Woodland Education Centre -     Description.

2. Project Site Position.

3. Project Site Description.

4. Soil Conditions.

5. Original Vegetation Cover.

6. Project Site Divisions

7. Management Details

8. Methods

9. Comparison of results obtained using

two different sampling methods.

10. Plant Species Recorded

HthprjGV.jpg (27584 bytes)11. Heath plants - Heather and Gorse

12. More Heath plants

13. Mosses

14. Species Distribution

15. Plant Species Diversity

16. Section similarities


Effects of Management:-

       17. Brushcutting
        a) Overall Effects
        b) Timing Effects
        c) Frequency

18. Grass Control

19. Gorse Control

20. Roundup

21. Bracken

FAWN.JPG (26816 bytes)22.Grazing Animals

23. Fauna


25. Acknowledgements

26. References


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Heathland Restoration Project Report







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Other Lowland Heaths in East Devon