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Woodland Project Phase 2 Survey Report


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The cleared rhododendron has been regenerating very rapidly from the cut stumps. This has now also been controlled through the use of Roundup, a biodegradable herbicide.




Plate 9.
Spraying the regenerating rhododendron with Roundup



This, the second survey, conducted in May after clearance had been completed, documents the changes in vegetation on the site since the initial survey.  A third survey will be carried out in one years time.

In the initial survey, four regions were identified within the Woodland Project site which were markedly different from each other in terms of rhododendron cover. (For a more complete description of the project site please see the Site Description and Plan of the area.)

Area 1 was in a region containing many tall slender Silver Birch trees, with a very shallow soil covered in flints. The Rhododendron in this area grew in a more upright manner and was taller than in the other regions. Area 2 was characterised by very dense impenetrable Rhododendron, with very low light levels, while Area 4 was intermediate between the two . Area 3 covered a region cleared nearly 3 years ago in a pilot project .

These regions were sampled separately in the initial survey to allow comparisons to be made between the regeneration in these different areas. The four representative areas chosen have again been sampled separately in this survey.

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Woodland Project Phase 2




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