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Offwell Wetland Survey
List of Diagrams, Charts and Tables


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Line Transect Diagrams
These illustrate the changes in vegetation along the lines.

Continuous line transect diagrams depicting symbols of each plant species to touch the line along its entire length, together with water depth data.

Interrupted line transect diagrams showing plants touching the line every metre.

Interrupted line transect diagrams showing plants touching the line every other metre.

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Key for Line Transect Diagrams

Key to the Species shown on the Line Transect Diagrams.

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Plant Zonation Diagrams

Illustrate the range of different species in relation to water level.

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Species Distribution Bar Charts

Bar Charts indicating the relationship between individual species distribution and water level. 

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Dominant Species Table

Table showing the six most dominant species in the Wetland

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Diagram of The Wetland

A diagram of the Wetlands showing the transects and key areas

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A Wetland Foodweb with notes


Wetland Survey Contents


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