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Biodiversity is a term which is used to encompass the whole wonderful variety of life on earth which started about 4 billion years ago. We have more idea how many stars there are in the galaxy than of how many species exist on earth. 1.4 million species have actually been named and described.

Britain has its own fair share of this wealth of wildlife. For example, there are more than 20,000 insect species in Britain, of which 2,500 are butterflies and moths and approximately 4000 are beetles. The U.K. boasts more than 500 species of midge and several thousand different kinds of fungi.There are also 69 species of native wild mammals and around 1500 flowering plants. 


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Losses of Biodiversity
Why Conserve Biodiversity?
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Agricultural Grasslands

You can access a wealth of information on British Wildlife here

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Access lists of species from surveys at the Woodland Education Centre grouped in taxonomic categories here or for a particular habitat:-




For information on Biological Sampling techniques click here!


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For a list of wildlife articles including habitats and biodiversity, click here.

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Beautiful Demoiselle

The Countryside and Biodiversity
a personal view by Cllr Des Shadrick

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Biodiversity Action Plan for East Devon's Heathlands


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